Phone Chat Lines – Using Your Voice to Spark Interest

Online dating sites have been making headlines and appearing in television commercials for years. The idea that someone can type in their age, interests, and religion, and be matched with someone they will fall in love with is an enchanting and sometimes true fairy tale. However, one powerful part of one’s personality is always left out of those profiles: The voice. Other than body language, is there anything that can convey sincerity, love, or attraction more than the human voice? Nothing says “I adore you,” like a voice; the voice carries the most important messages such as “I love you”.

Phone personals have taken a backseat to online personals, thanks to the fixation everyone has with creating online matchmaking profiles. Voice personals are making a revival, though, and many people hope they’ll return more to the forefront as people rediscover the kind of impression a simple voice message can have on a listener.

Hearing the tone of a person’s voice during a conversation is essential. Many people mistakenly “speak” to a potential mate through an instant messaging service or email and believe that they’ve talked to the person. This is not quite the whole truth. Written conversation is much different than spoken conversation. It reveals less about personality and more about writing skills. Phone dating lines and local phone personals are trying to go beyond emailing and instant messaging to give people a chance to meet in a whole new way.

Phone chat gives people a chance to see more of the true character and personality of the person they’ll be meeting. It allows them to hear sweetness, sincerity, and sexiness instead of just reading it. Imagine if a person is terribly sexy but is limited to only goofy lines about sensual matters. A potential partner that is charming and sexy might be completely overlooked because they weren’t able to write romance novels in e-mail. The voice says what the written word cannot.

If you’re still not convinced about how powerful a voice can be in a relationship, just think of all the things a voice does to communicate our emotions: It screams, laughs, and cries. It expresses so many of the things that can’t be expressed through non-verbal body language or a sentence in email. It is impossible to read the true depth of someone’s pain, or the true passion that they might feel, whether it’s sexual or otherwise. If you take away someone’s voice in a dating scenario, you’re left with almost nothing. Even sexual relationships are enhanced by the basic sounds of the voice and the flirtatious sounds that the voice expresses.

Phone dating is a great way to get to know one another. For people who are shy or not great at getting to know someone face-to-face, they can use personals by phone to break the ice. Phone chat lines are a great way to learn the art of communication and gain confidence in your ability to speak with potential romantic partners. Of course there is not any face to face contact, but it’s always good to take things one step at a time.

When people marry or engage in intimate relationships, they don’t write to each other through e-mail. They talk. Voice chat lines give people a wonderful way to take the first step to a serious or casual relationship. Now daters, I challenge you, without hesitation, to get out there, introduce yourself, get flirty, remember to have fun and enjoy yourself!

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Relationship Chat Rooms

If you are going through a tough time in your life, you probably want someone to talk to about your problems. It can be hard to find people who can be there for you whenever you need a shoulder or an ear. Because of this problem, many people needing help, advice, or just someone to listen without judgment turn to places online like relationship chat rooms to get what they need. These people start out as strangers, but that is sometimes a huge bonus for those that need support. These can often be like local support groups, but end up being so much more.

Relationship chat rooms have sprung up everywhere on the Internet. They cover all types of relationships. Those that gravitate towards these sites are going through divorce, separation, loss of child custody, the death of a spouse or family member, job loss, or simple blowups with friends that are devastating to them. Some coming to these rooms have just experienced infidelity in their relationship. All of these types of relationships are different, but the pain is still the same. Life changes dramatically when personal and professional relationships fall apart, and loneliness is often a huge part of that. These chat rooms offer support and friendship when it is needed the most.

The advantages of these chat rooms are many. One of the best parts about finding relationship chat rooms that you can use to talk with others is that there is usually always someone online. That means you don’t have to worry about calling a friend in the middle of the night and waking them up. You can just log onto your relationship chat rooms to see who is online. You are not the only one that can not sleep. Someone else is needing the same thing that you are, so it can be easy to find someone to talk to no matter what time of day or night you are in need.

There are a few disadvantages as well. Not everyone in these relationship chat rooms are going to be nice people. Some are bitter and angry, and they just want someone to yell at or someone to soak up their frustrations. If you run into such a person, you can choose to be patient while understanding where their anger is coming from, or logging off to come back later when that person is no longer there. You can also get bad advice, as others are in the same spot you are and may not be thinking clearly.

It is best to navigate these relationship chat rooms carefully while taking advantage of all that they have to offer. Take advice with a grain of salt. Listen, but do not act on what you hear until you have had time to think about it. Look for chat rooms that are moderated in some way so that you are not abused by angry and violent chatters. Sometimes, great friendships come about because of these types of rooms, but you remember to use the same care you would use anywhere else online to stay safe.

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Social Networking Anywhere – Make Every Website a Chat Room

When you are browsing the web you are most likely searching for something like a product, service, info, or may be just for fun. Suppose you have found what you are looking for, or probably something similar. What would you do next?

Most probably you will not venture into taking what is given to you for granted, or at least this is what you should do, but instead you will look to concur it with a different source, such as an article, a review, a blog etc…

So common sense tells you to make a little research little research, otherwise you would be taking a risk that will affect your wallet, your credibility and maybe your position!

Chances are that you Google again the product/service/article to get a feedback about it, especially if your credit card is on the stake. You check the forums to see what people are saying about this stuff, and may be you would join to discuss the subject and weigh the advantages and disadvantages.

In short once you have found your item, you will enter another circle of indecision (unless you are 100% sure of what you are doing of course).

However, there is something very obvious that has not been very well implemented so far. What about meeting people on the same website and discuss with them on the spot about the content of the page being visited? It would be great if there are some people around to ask them about this item or that; a discussion is always a way to enlighten both parties.

This is a real issue! It is wonderful to feel that someone is not alone!

It is just amazing feeling to know that the web is alive and there is someone over there with whom you can instantly share your opinion and experience. is trying to do just that.

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Techniques on Chatting With Attractive Woman

There are some techniques on chatting that you can apply to attract a beautiful woman and possibly move on dating. The common way to sow your appreciation to a certain woman is compliments of such jewelry or clothing. Since you can’t see her clothes and jewelry through chatting, you can compliment her style on writing.

Through your online conversation, you need to build trust properly as it is the most important in building relationship. Although you can’t see her, building trust is a must. Try to be yourself and write your information honestly. In social networking, you can attempt to respond to her continually. The more continue you respond to her questions, the stronger you build the trust between you.

Try to create fun time during chatting with you. Avoid any resistible topics like politics, religion or culture if you are interracial. Try to find some ideas and bring the jokes to your chat. In order to make your hat become colorful, you can use the emoticons as well and other facilities. Another important thing is listening, no matter it is invisible, or not, you need to listen to your opposite.

To succeed on building relationship with a beautiful woman, you need to be a focus about your topic. It will help you to show that you are attracted. It doesn’t mean you should agree with anything she said, but you need to respond to her states. When you focus on the bond you are trying to build, soon, she will listen to you.

A most woman will like to know that you are intense about her. You also can ask about her feeling and give her support when she down. When both of you on the same track, it means you have bigger chance to close her. Move on a next level and tell the truth because lying will not help you in any way. When you pretend to someone else, your relationship will not be as long as you wish.

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Video Chat: Many Uses for Business and Enjoyment

What’s new in video chat? Although the technology for using a web cam to send live pictures and video over the internet has been around for a long time, video chat technology continues to get better and better. Since the tragedy of 9-11, when businesses started traveling less, it became a great way for businesses to communicate with distant clients, other branches, and other businesses. Video chat can also bring individuals and families who are far apart closer together through the “magic” of the internet.

When businesses use video chat to conference rather than using a simple conference call on the telephone, they can not only see reactions of the people that they are talking to, but they can have a more “natural” conversation with everyone in the room. It helps to bring more confidence to all of the parties involved.

As far as recreational or social uses, video chat has many applications there as well. Xbox allows people who are connected through its gaming website to have live video feeds from both players. Many singles or dating sites allow their users to connect via a video chat so that they can get a clear picture of who they are chatting with. Yahoo Messenger has a premium service (for a fee) where users can interact with other chat room guests by video.

Of course in order to use all of these features you will need to have the correct software, equipment, and internet connection. Both users should have the same video software, or at least compatible chat software. If you are on a chat room site they will provide you with a software download. Then, you will need a camera. You can get an inexpensive web cam, but the pictures may be grainy and unclear, or you can get a video camera with USB 2.0 or Firewire installed. Your computer should be at least a Pentium 4 or G4 processor with a video and sound card and your internet connection should be at least 128 kpbs-no dial up.

Chatting over the internet can be a fun and productive way to interact with others.

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What is Selective Chat?

Since the old days of IRC till our days, the expression “Hi, asl plz?” is the must have opening for every chatting session between two strangers. Furthermore, if you are a male you won’t accept less than something like “25 F…”

Due to the lack of enough information any discussion was very slow to start, moreover it is rarely scoped into a certain topic or subject. It is true that most of the chatters are males seeking females. This is what the statistics reveal, and can’t be denied. However any discussion would be far more interesting and fruitful if the two parties have minimum information regarding each other and be centered on a specific topic that is of common interest.

It is not unusual to meet someone who is seeking to talk with another having a certain intellectual background and education level or having experience in a very specific domain. There are thousands of people who are seeking information and are not sure where to find them and how to utilize them. Obviously it can be helpful if they can meet someone online who can help them in real time manner. No doubt this type of information exchange and collaboration increases the richness of the discussion and avoid wasting time on lengthy introductions that ends most of the time in frustration.

The importance of the selective chat as opposed to the random chat lays in the fact that the latter is full of bad surprises and annoyances, while the former is based on a careful selection of the peer in order to open a discussion with him or her. This gives a huge benefit for both parties because they can capitalize on their discussion to make new ones and maybe evolve their cyber relation to a real life one.

In this perspective is trying to offer something of value to its users and by making it intuitive and friendly to use and avoiding the hassle of a long and boring registration process and profile management.

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Telephone, Email or Chat – Which Customer Service Support?

Businesses need repeat clients to grow. These days, customers are identifying the most appropriate channel to choose and to buy a product.

The recent ATG research study reveals that 30% of customers use three or more channels for a single transaction. Even with the convenience provided by the Internet and the emergence of mobile marketing, data still reveal customers employing the most traditional means – store visit and customer service – for their buying decisions. Customers turn to customer support if they cannot locate a store, they have inquiries, or want someone to help them with their purchase.

Call centers, with their set of processes and technology infrastructure, usually offer these common types of customer contact services – Telephone, E-mail and Live Chat. Here are the advantages of each:

Telephone Support

1. Offers real-time 24/7 support

2. Personable – customers feel at ease with friendly voices

3. Builds trust, professionalism and credibility

4. The best platform for providing detailed information

5. Provides opportunity to up-sell (if applicable)

E-mail Support

1. Inexpensive customer support

2. Provides documented solution to issues or concerns

3. Recordable

4. No need for 24/7 support

5. No need for voice-based agents to answer

Live Chat Support

1. Inexpensive customer support

2. Personable – customers do not feel intimidated because of its casual approach

3. Creates trust and credibility

4. Saves time

5. No need for voice-based agents to answer

How your customers reach out to your business depend on their choice of communication. Setting up multiple channels is recommended because you cover the support systems that are considered comfortable and effective for them. One of these channels is a customer call center.

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How Dating Online Could Be Improved By Video Email And Video Chat

The world has become a smaller place with the advent of the internet.

With the telephone, one could only talk to a person far away;

however, with video communication, one can both see and talk to a

loved one living far away. Moreover, with the various video

communication media available like video email and video chat, there

is a lower chance of any misunderstandings occurring here than when

one communicates through the telephone.

Nowadays you can not only communicate with your loved ones, but

those singles out there can also make and get to know partners through

the numerous dating websites found on the internet. This form of socializing

is one of the best ways a person too busy with their career to find a partner,

possibly a life partner! When looking for a partner on the internet,

you usually meet the person with similar interests as all your basic

information has to be given to the dating service. This is the

greatest advantage of internet dating; instead of getting hooked on

someone because of love at first sight, with internet dating, you get

to learn about the temperaments and nature of the person before

actually meeting. With internet dating, there is no need of waiting

for one to make the first move. There is no nervousness to hide and

you can seem cool and collected to your partner, no matter how

nervous you may actually be! However it is very important that you

provide honest information about yourself to the online dating site

so that you will get the perfect match for you. Inaccurate

information only leads to an inaccurate match!

Once you find your partner through the internet, it is important for you to

meet to get to see each other. There have been occasions where on meeting; you find that this is not the person I had envisioned through our online

dating! Now that you have met, and you are happy with each other, you

have to develop a perfect love relationship to confirm a long time

relationship. Loving someone when dating is rather easy; however to

become a serious couple, you have to have a serious love relationship

that may prove to be an uphill task.

Make sure you are compatible with the person you date; having the same taste

of food and pets does not promise a long-term love relationship. There is more

to life than this! You have to have the capacity of forgiving each other for

certain mistakes while also have your say on some manners you are not

happy with. You have to basically ask the right questions at the

right time to get to know each other better.

It is very important that you remain honest, understanding and committed to

your partner during the span of your relationship. Remember, both of you have

the same rights of giving and accepting opinions about your relationship!

You could perhaps add some romance to your lives by springing some nice

surprises on each other, when life gets dull. You could shower some

gifts on your partner, go for a romantic, candlelit evening diner or

even send flowers to brighten your partner’s day! So with some

romance in the air, a good understanding of each other’s nature and

temperament will help in creating a long, lifetime love relationship

for both of you!

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How to Use Internet Marketing Through Live Chat

Instant Messenger is a virtual place where two people can talk, chat in written mode, or even can see each other and talk through webcam and speaker.Lots of sites offer this like Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, Skype etc. So when two friends can chat with each other, then why not two businessmen can deal with each other and actual sales happen?

In reality, this way many business deals happening in the whole globe every day. People comes in IM, bargain the price, sees the good, and actually ‘feels’ the goods they want to purchase and if they like it, actual sales happens. Everything is online in this era of e-commerce.

For business security purpose also this IM is very useful. Trustable connection with all chat history can show you the actual chats at any time preset by the two parties on each side. Hence it is authentic documentation of business rather in e-business.

The most useful thing and for why it is so much popular in today’s world is its cost. Just install GTalk or Skype or Yahoo Messenger and start chatting. These are absolutely free available software in Internet. Any one can download it in his or her PC or laptop and start chatting. Only thing is your friend or client on the other side have to have the same software loaded in his PC. Another useful thing about IM is simultaneously you can chat with multiple players at a single time and if required, you can instantly form a group and chat among other. Even others being online, can’t disturb your private business talk among the group.

By the spread of World Wide Web, globe is always in your palm and by the advent of IM, now you can internationally business your product online through Affiliated Marketing at any time and anywhere. Certain rules fixed by WWW have to be maintained that your product is legal and you are paying international tax as per the rule. Obey it and clean business with focused visionary would help you to win the battle in the affiliated market.

The Wealthy Affiliate shows many more related topics for your interest.

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Ganesh Chaturthi Festival 2010 – Bhajans, Puja and Recipes

Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated all over india mainly in the states of Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. It is the birthday of Lord Ganesha. The celebration lasts for 10 days in Maharashtra. At the end of the celebrations, the idol of lord ganesha is immersed in the water. This festival is usually celebrated at the end of august or the first week of September every year. This year this festival is celebrated on 11-September-2010.

Ganesh Chaturthi Bhajans:

This festival is widely celebrated for 10 days in Mumbai with the devotees praying bhajans for lord ganesha. Some of the popular bhajans are listed below.

  • “Gaja Vadana Gajaanana”
  • “Vinayaganae vinai theerpavanae”

Ganesh Chaturthi Pooja:

Ganesh pooja is done by all the family members on the day of ganesh chaturthi. The pooja is performed with the following items.

  • Idol of Lord Ganesha
  • Flowers
  • Coconut
  • Chandan
  • Agarbathis

The idol of lord ganesh is kept in the raised platform and with the presence of all the family members. Then pooja is performed by praying bhajans.

Ganesha Chaturthi Recipes:

This festival is celebrated along with the preparation of a lot of recipes. Some of the famous recipes that are prepared for the festival are:

  • Kolakattai
  • Ladoo
  • Rawa Ladoo
  • Puliyotharai
  • Sundal
  • Boli
  • Milk Kheer
  • Adirasam

Prospects of Ganesha Chaturthi:

  • Business man who aims for success in his life and business.
  • For curing the health related problems.
  • Blessings to get good education, health and peaceful life.

Next Step: Read more details on Ganesha Chaturthi Pooja and Ganesha Chaturthi Recipes.

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